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Vaginal Cysts

Vaginal cysts are small fluid filled sacs that can develop in the vagina. They are caused by a number of things, and can often be treated relatively easily. Many cysts will even go away of their own accord. Some vaginal cysts however may grow in size, or become cancerous. Because of this, it is important that any women experiencing the symptoms associated with vaginal cysts consult their local GP or gynaecologist to discuss the possible problems and to investigate the condition further.

Vaginal cysts usually present themselves as small lumps on the inside walls of the vagina. They are often very small, but can grow fairly large in size if left untreated. Women suffering from vaginal cysts will complain of lumps inside their vagina, or lumps that may be protruding.

The cysts themselves are caused by a number of things. The most common cause is if the vagina has been cut in some way, sometimes during a biopsy or medical examination, and the wound does not heal correctly. The area where the cut was made can fill with liquid, creating a small liquid filled sac. Another possible cause of vaginal cysts is when complications occur with the Gartner’s duct. This is a small gland that becomes active during pregnancy. Soon after a woman has given birth, this gland becomes inactive. But it is possible for complications to occur during the time that it is active, and this can result in the development of a vaginal cyst.

Most vaginal cysts will cause no problems, and will just be left but checked regularly for changes. If the cyst is abnormally large, it may have to be surgically removed. Cysts of this size will cause the symptoms related to vaginal cysts. These include pain during intercourse and discomfort, as well as pain when inserting a tampon. Not all women will suffer from these symptoms, but if they become a problem then surgery is the only option. It is a lengthy procedure so it is seen as a last resort.

Vaginal cysts rarely prove to be more troublesome than causing a bit of discomfort and slight pain, but in some cases they can develop into tumours. This is why it is important to have any vaginal cysts checked regularly to see if they have developed and are showing signs of becoming a more severe problem. It is best to deal with them sooner, before the cancer has a chance to spread.