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Pruritus Vulva

Pruritus vulva is the medical term given to the condition involving women experiencing an itchy vulva. The vulva is the skin outside the vagina, and many women will experience an itching sensation in this area at some point in their lives. If this sensation persists and becomes a regular occurrence, they should seek the advice of a GP or gynaecologist. There are a number of possible explanations for women with itchy vulvas, and most causes are relatively easy to treat.

A number of natural causes can result in pruritus vulva. Pregnant women can experience this problem, as well as women who have gone through menopause. In both cases it is normal to experience the itching sensation, and steps can be taken to help get rid of it. Any abrasions, cuts or infections can cause this problem. Women with sexually transmitted infections may experience pruritus vulva as a symptom of the infection. If a woman has received any physical trauma to her genital area, she may feel an itching sensation as a side effect. In the case of abrasions or cuts causing pruritus vulva, the patient need simply take medication to treat the infection, or wait for the wound to heal in order for the itching to go away. Creams can be applied in the meantime to deal with the itching sensation.

Many patients with allergies or skin conditions will complain about itchy vulvas. Women who have an allergic reaction to the chemicals in certain products can deal with the problem by taking anti-histamines or by avoiding these products. Many perfumed soaps or chemically treated toilet tissues will aggravate women with allergies. Skin conditions such as eczema may cause a woman to experience an itchy vulva, and if this problem is correctly diagnosed it can be treated to get rid of the symptoms.

In a few cases, pruritus vulva can suggest a more severe problem. The itching sensation women experience in their genital area could suggest diabetes, or perhaps even cancer of the vulva. The majority of cases of pruritus vulva do not indicate these problems, but there is always the possibility that they are the cause. Because of this, it is important that any women experiencing abnormal or prolonged itchy sensations in their vulvas should arrange to meet with their GP or gynaecologist immediately to discuss the problem and see if it is an indication of a more serious condition.