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Clitoral Hoodectomy

A Hoodectomy, also known as Clitoridotomy, involves the surgical removal or splitting of the protective fold of skin that surrounds your clitoris.

What is my clitoris and where is it?

Your clitoris looks like a tiny bud at the top end of the vaginal opening. It should be pointed out that outwardly women’s genitalia look the same. On closer examination every woman has different sized parts of her vagina.  Your vagina and its clitoris is protected by two flaps of skin that look like lips, called labia majora.

What causes problems with my clitoris?

When a woman is sexually aroused the clitoris becomes engorged or full of blood and increases in size. Problems with the clitoris may arise when the skin (or hood) covering it may be too tight to allow the clitoris head to get bigger. A clitoris that is increased in size will stand a better chance of being stimulated during sexual intercourse than one that is covered up by skin. 

When the clitoris is completely and tightly covered by the fold of skin it is a condition known as Clitorial phimosis. This causes the sensitivity of the clitoris to be either greatly reduced or completely lacking any feeling at all.

Can my clitoris be restored to normal?

A Hoodectomy when performed will provide relief by allowing the clitoris to expand and become more prominent during foreplay and sexual intercourse.

The reason for removing the ‘hood’ or fold of skin is likely to be because the skin fold has completely covered the clitoris, making sexual intercourse difficult to enjoy. Removing the skin fold to expose the clitoris will make sexual intercourse more pleasurable for you.

What does the surgery involve?

It is actually similar to circumcision of the male penis.  Like the penis the clitoris has a hood that can prevent required sensitivity in sexual intercourse. This operation is extremely delicate and the gynaecologist performing it is an expert with a great deal of experience. This is necessary because the clitoris has more nerve endings in it than in all the tissues surrounding it. The hood is either partially removed or split to allow the clitoris freedom to enlarge when you feel aroused. The procedure may be done with a laser.

Will there be complications?

The most serious complication may be infection. Excessive bleeding tends to occur when in ethnic cultures a non-medical person carries out this procedure. Because you will be attended to by a fully qualified and highly experienced surgeon, you should not experience any complications at all.

How long does the surgery take?

It takes approximately 1 hour, though it can be slightly less.

What will happen in the recovery period?

You may find sitting for long periods painful and this includes driving (which should be avoided temporarily). Strenuous exercise has to be temporarily suspended until swelling is reduced and healing is complete.  It may be unwise for you to carry heavy items for a number of weeks to avoid straining the area.

What is the recovery time?

Recovery varies from person to person. It could take up to 2 weeks to fully recover. Try to minimise the amount of time spent sitting down, including driving. Do also try to avoid energetic exercise and carrying very heavy objects. You will need to avoid straining any muscles.

What can I expect from the surgery?

Good news! You should expect a rejuvenated sex life. Un-hooding your clitoris leads to increased stimulation and a noticeable increase in orgasms.